Here is a list of publications by the members of the project on topics related to grounding. If downloadable versions of the papers are available, we offer the relevant links.




An Abductive Theory of Constitution (Michael Baumgartner, Lorenzo Casini), Forthcoming in Philosophy of Science
What grounds what grounds what (Michael Clark), Forthcoming in The Philosophical Quarterly.
Grounding, Mental Causation, and Overdetermination (Michael Clark, Nathan Wildman), Forthcoming in Synthese.
An Impure Logic of Representational Grounding (Fabrice Correia), Forthcoming in Journal of Philosophical Logic.
Difference Making Grounds (S. Krämer, S. Roski), Forthcoming in Philosophical Studies, early view.
How to Model Mechanistic Hierarchies (L. Casini), Forthcoming in Philosophy of Science
Multiple Reference and Vague Objects (G. Merlo), Forthcoming in Synthese
Grounding and Dependence (B. Schnieder), online early, Synthese, OUP
On Shaky Ground? (N. Wildman), Forthcoming in R. Bliss and G. Priest (eds.) Reality and its Structure, OUP


Anything at All – The Deepest and the Shallowest Question (B. Schnieder, Y. Kappes) in Philosophisches Jahrbuch, 123, 543-565
Can Interventions Rescue Glennan’s Mechanistic Account of Causality? (L. Casini) in The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science, 67(4), 1155-1183
Gründe aller Arten. Der Anspruch auf Vereinheitlichung in Bolzanos Abfolgetheorie (S. Roski, B. Schnieder) in Michael Quante (ed.) Geschichte Gesellschaft Geltung, Hamburg: Meiner, 891–912
How (Not) to be a Modalist About Essence (N. Wildman) in M. Jago (ed.) Reality Making, OUP
In Defence of a Logic for ‘Because’ (B. Schnieder), in Journal of Applied Non-Classical Logic, 26 (2):160-171
Logically Simple Properties and Relations (J. Plate) in Philosophers Imprint, 16(1), 1-40
On the Logic of Factual Equivalence (F. Correia) in The Review of Symbolic Logic, 9(1), 103—22
Subjectivism and the Mental (G. Merlo), in Dialectica, 70 (3): 311-342
Without Reason? (B. Schnieder, A. Steinberg) in Pacific Philosophical Quarterly, 97(4), 523-541.


A Note on the Logic of Worldly Ground (S. Krämer; S. Roski) Thought, 4(1), 59-68
A Puzzle About Partial Grounding (M. Clark) Thought, 4(3), 189-97
Das Meisterargument in Platons Euthyphron (B. Schnieder), History of Philosophy and Logical Analysis 18
Load Bare-ing Particulars (N. Wildman) Philosophical Studies, 172(6), 1419-1434
Logical Grounding and First-Degree Entailments (F. Correia) in S. Lapointe (ed.), Themes from Ontology, Mind, and Logic: Present and Past – Essays in Honour of Peter Simons (Grazer Philosophische Studien vol. 91), Leiden, Boston, Brill Rodopi, 2015, 3—15
The Asymmetry of ‘Because” (B. Schnieder), Grazer Philosophische Studien 91, 131-164.


Bolzano on Grounding and Causation (B. Schnieder) Journal for the History of Philosophy 52, 309–37
Copyright notice: the copyright for the above file is held by The Johns Hopkins University Press. Click here for the online edition of JHP.
Bolzano on Necessary Existence (S. Roski, P. Rusnock) Archiv für Geschichte der Philosophie 96(3), 320-359
Logical Grounds (F. Correia) The Review of Symbolic Logic, 7(1), 31-59
On the Reduction of Grounding to Essence (P. Carnino) Studia Philosophica Estonica 7(2), 56-71


A Simpler Puzzle of Ground (S. Krämer) Thought 2(2), 85-89
Explanation by Induction? (M. Hoeltje, B. Schnieder, A. Steinberg) Synthese 190, 509–524.
Modality, Sparsity, and Essence (N. Wildman) The Philosophical Quarterly 63(253), 760–782
Specialness and Egalitarianism (G. Merlo) Thought, 2(3), 248–257
Varieties of Dependence. Ontological Dependence, Grounding, Supervenience, Response-Dependence (Eds.: M. Hoeltje, B. Schnieder, A. Steinberg) Munich: Philosophia.


Complexity, Existence and Infinite Analysis (G. Merlo) The Leibniz Review 22, 9-36
Grounding: An Opinionated Introduction (F. Correia, B. Schnieder) in F. Correia, and B. Schnieder (eds.) Metaphysical Grounding, 1-36
Metaphysical Grounding. Understanding the Structure of Reality (Eds.: F. Correia, B. Schnieder) Cambridge: CUP
Recent Work on Grounding (M. Clark, D. Liggins) Analysis 72(4), 812-823


A Logic for ‘Because’ (B. Schnieder) Review of Symbolic Logic 4, 445-465
From Grounding to Truth-Making: Some Thoughts (F. Correia) in A. Reboul (ed.), Philosophical Papers Dedicated to Kevin Mulligan


A Puzzle About ‘Because’ (B. Schnieder) Logique et Analyse 53, 317-343
Grounding and Truth-Functions (F. Correia) Logique et Analyse 53, 251-279
How Not To Defend Ontological Cheats (S. Krämer) Analysis 70(2), 290-296.
Inclusionism and the Problem of Unmarried Husbands (M. Clark) Erkenntnis 73(1), 123-131


‘By’ – A Refutation of the Anscombe Thesis (B. Schnieder) Linguistics and Philosophy 31(6), 649-669
On What We Can Ensure (B. Schnieder) Synthese 162, 101-115
Truth-Functionality (B. Schnieder) Review of Symbolic Logic 1(1), 64-72


A Certain Kind of Trinity: Dependence, Substance, Explanation (B. Schnieder) Philosophical Studies 129(2), 393-419
Troubles with Truth-making: Necessitation and Projection. (B. Schnieder) Erkenntnis 64(1), 61-74
Truth-making without Truth-makers (B. Schnieder) Synthese 152(1), 21-46


Compatibilism and the Notion of Rendering Something False (B. Schnieder) Philosophical Studies 117, 409-428