Logical Grounds

This sub-project, lead by Prof. Fabrice Correia at the University of Neuchâtel, focuses on both a specific species of grounding, namely logical grounding, as well as more general issues about the logic of grounding in all its varieties. Specifically, this sub-project examines three questions:

  • (SPC1) Logical grounding addresses the question “What is logical grounding?” from both a philosophical and a logico-formal point of view and examines what foundational work the notion can be taken to play, as well as the role it may play in the resolution of the semantic paradoxes.
  • (SPC2) Metaphysical grounding proposes a study in the logic of metaphysical grounding, and sets itself the task of building satisfactory systems for that logic and corresponding adequate semantics.
  • (SPC3) Other grounding ties proposes to do just the same for both conceptual and causal grounding, relying on the work done in the previous two sub-projects, and examining promising accounts of these two notions in terms of metaphysical grounding – which, if successful, would have the effect of making their logics derivable from the logic of metaphysical grounding developed in (SPC2).