Grounds of Being

This sub-project, lead by Prof. Benjamin Schnieder at the University of Hamburg, focuses on metaphysical grounding. More specifically, it examines 4 separate, albeit interrelated, issues:

  • (SPA1) Grounding and other forms of metaphysical priority asks whether important notions of metaphysical priority distinct from metaphysical grounding (e.g. ontological dependence and truth-making) can nevertheless be defined in terms of it.
  • (SPA2) Grounding and modality is a thorough investigation about the connection between metaphysical grounding and the concepts of necessity and possibility.
  • (SPA3) Grounding and essence addresses the question of the connection between metaphysical grounding and another central notion of metaphysics, essence, with a special eye on underlying views about the links between essence and modality.
  • (SPA4) Structure and fundamentality asks whether we should hold that there is an ultimate layer of fundamental (i.e. metaphysically ungrounded) facts, or whether we should in contrast believe that there are infinitely descending grounding chains.