Grounds of Being

This sub-project, lead by Prof. Benjamin Schnieder at the University of Hamburg, focuses on metaphysical grounding. More specifically, it examines a number of separate, albeit interrelated, issues, in particular:

  • (SPA1) Grounding and other forms of metaphysical priority asks whether important notions of metaphysical priority distinct from metaphysical grounding (e.g. ontological dependence and truth-making) can nevertheless be defined in terms of it.
  • (SPA2) Grounding and modality is a thorough investigation about the connection between metaphysical grounding and the concepts of necessity and possibility.
  • (SPA3) Grounding and essence addresses the question of the connection between metaphysical grounding and another central notion of metaphysics, essence, with a special eye on underlying views about the links between essence and modality.