Lorenzo Casini


??????????I gained a PhD in philosophy from the University of Kent in 2013. Before graduation, I was visiting fellow at the Tilburg Institute for Logic and Philosophy of Science (2011), and DAAD research grant holder and research fellow in the ANR-DFG project CAUSAPROBA at the University of Konstanz (2012). Before starting a three-year postdoctoral fellowship in the Grounding project, I was postdoctoral research fellow at the MCMP, LMU Munich (2013-4). My main research interests lie in the area of the interpretation of causality and explanation in the sciences, with special focus on biology and economics.


Recent/forthcoming publications:

Not-so-minimal Models. Between Isolation and Imagination (forthcoming), Philosophy of the Social Sciences
Causation: Many Words, One Thing? (2012), Theoria, 27(74): 203-219
Models for Prediction, Explanation and Control: Recursive Bayesian Networks (2011), with P. M. Illari, F. Russo, and J. Williamson, Theoria, 26(70): 5-33