Giovanni Merlo

I obtained a Ph.D. in philosophy from the University of Barcelona in June 2015. Between 2010 and 2013, I worked as Early Stage Researcher in the Merlo picFP7 Marie Curie Initial Training Network on Perspectival Thought and Facts (PETAF), an international platform for joint philosophical research on perspective-bound accounts of representation, truth and cognition. Before that, I was an undergraduate at the University of Padua and completed a B.Phil. in philosophy at the University of Oxford. In the academic year 2014-2015, I held a fellowship at the New York University Center for Mind, Brain and Consciousness and, over the years, I have visited several research centers across Europe – including Eidos in Geneva, Arché in St Andrews and the Northern Institute of Philosophy in Aberdeen.

My research interests are rather broad and diverse. As a postdoc with the SNF Sinergia Research Project “Grounding: Metaphysics, Science and Logic”, my work focuses on the idea of cross-temporal grounding – a type of grounding whereby truths about the past (or the future) are metaphysically explained by appeal to propositions that were (or will be) true, but may or may not be presently true. In my doctoral dissertation, I defended what I call a “subjectivist view of the mental”, a view according to which one’s own mental states are essentially different from everyone else’s mental states, although the fact that they are is a subjective fact rather than an objective one. Aside from metaphysics and the philosophy of mind, I also have a special interest in the philosophy of G.W. Leibniz.

Selected publications:

“Complexity, Existence and Infinite Analysis”, The Leibniz Review, vol. 22, 2012. Winner of the 2012 Leibniz Society of North America Essay Competition.

“Leibnizian Aggregates Are Not Mind-Dependent Entities”, Studia Leibnitiana, vol. 44 (2), 2012.

“Specialness and Egalitarianism”, Thought: A Journal of Philosophy, vol. 2 (3), 2013: 248-257.