Current members of the Grounding project:

Subproject A. Grounds of Being

Researchers Position
Benjamin Schnieder Principal Investigator, Professor of Theoretical Philosophy (Hamburg)
Michael Clark Postdoctoral Researcher (Hamburg)
Giovanni Merlo Postdoctoral Researcher (Hamburg)
Roberto Loss Postdoctoral Researcher (Hamburg)
Nathan Wildman Postdoctoral Researcher (Hamburg)

Subproject B. Grounding and Causality

Researchers Position
Marcel Weber Principal Investigator, Chair of Philosophy of Science, Department of Philosophy (Geneva)
Lorenzo Casini Postdoctoral Researcher (Geneva)
Pablo Carnino Doctoral Researcher (Geneva)

Subproject C. Logical Grounds and the Logic of Grounding

Researchers Position
Fabrice Correia Principal Investigator, Professor, Institute of Philosophy (Neuchâtel)
Jan Plate Postdoctoral Researcher (Neuchâtel)
Jan Walker Doctoral Researcher (Neuchâtel)

Researchers Cooperating with The Grounding Project

Researchers Position
Ricki Bliss Postdoctoral Humboldt-Fellow (from April 2015) (Hamburg)
Stephan Krämer Postdoctoral Researcher (funded by the DFG, module “Eigene Stelle”) (Hamburg)
Stefan Roski Postdoctoral Researcher (Hamburg)
Martin Lipman Postdoctoral Researcher, Kit Fine-Fellow (Hamburg)
Yannic Kappes Doctoral Researcher (Scholarship by the Faculty of Humanities) (Hamburg)